James Paul Gee
The Role of Games and Social Media in Higher Education, edited by William G. Tierney, Zoë B. Corwin, Tracy Fullerton, and Gisele Ragusa, John Hopkins University Press, Chapter 7, pg 171
Publication year: 2017

There are several paradoxes at the heart of colleges and universities today (Hacker & Dreifus 2010; Menand 2010). Our society has decided to make college a goal for all who want it. We have decided that college is a matter of social justice, since college graduates earn significantly more than do high school graduates across a lifetime. In the past, we backed this goal up with public colleges and universities that were free or inexpensive. Now, however, even many public colleges—let alone private ones—are expensive enough that many students cannot attend them. Other students leave college with mountains of debt.