James Paul Gee
Kaminski, W. (2008). Clash of Realities 2008: Spielen in digitalen Welten. München: Kopaed., pp. 79-97
Publication year: 2008

This paper offers a perspective on learning inspired by video games. The areas of Game Studies (Raessens & Goldstein 2004; Wolf & Perron 2003) and Games and Learning (Gee 2003; Hawisher & Selfe 2007; Shaffer, Squire, Halverson, & Gee 2005a; Shaffer 2007) have burgeoned over the last few years. A number of people, from different disciplines, have argued either that we should use games for learning (Squire 2006: Squire & Jenkins 2004) or that we should learn from games how to build better learning spaces that need not themselves be games (Gee 2003).  I will use a game called Portal as a portal into a theory of what should be learned and how it should be learned in our high-tech global world.